Kirk Smith

Kirk Smith is simply one of the very best in his field. Kirk Smith was a student and former brother-in-law of the late master silversmith Harry Morgan. Kirk Smith's work is considered collector and investment quality and every Native American jewelry collection should include a Kirk Smith bracelet!

Though you may have only heard of Kirk Smith in the last four or five years, he's not exactly an overnight sensation. In fact, he labored in the Native American jewelry trade for many years under the tutelage of his late brother-in-law Harry Morgan before emerging with his own distinctive yet eclectic old pawn style that's among the most sought-after Native American jewelry in the southwest.

Kirk lives in the Crown Point, New Mexico area, near the Navajo reservation north of Gallup. He's an independent, self-employed artist who markets his art to many traders in New Mexico and Arizona.

His style could be described as eclectic because it combines the best of the genuine old pawn pieces -- the careful craftsmanship, traditional design, and those old style solid stone settings. His work is distinctive, and many know when they see a Kirk Smith piece who the artist is without even having to look at the hallmark.

Kirk's reputation and stature (along with the price he now commands for his jewelry in the world of Native American fme jewelry has skyrocketed in the last three years after he started winning prestigious awards for his work and won much deserved recognition in publications featuring Native American artisans.

His work goes up in price at least once each year, and with the 30% price increase in both turquoise and 250% increase in the price of silver in the last eighteen months, his beautiful bracelets go up in value while you enjoy wearing them.

The demand is high for these museum quality pieces. Kirk Smith has been called the Calvin Klein of Navajo Jewelry.

Kirk Smith died tragically on Monday, September 17, 2012. His artistry, craftsmanship and vision will be sorely missed

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