Derrick Gordon

Derrick Gordon began to silversmith when he was 19. He learned by watching his uncle Delbert Gordon who helped him.

Derrick loves to create bracelets; he never draws out his patterns before hand. He'll dream up his design while looking at his stone, then begins creating. He loves the high blues of Kingman and Morenci turquoise. Today, he works with his handmade tools and stamps in intricate patterns and swirls which make his jewelry one-of-a-kind.

In addition to being a silversmith, Derrick is also a carpenter, a mechanic and a musician. If he is not silversmithing, he will work on building their home on the Navajo reservation. He enjoys the outdoors with his family. He married his wife Ernestine in 1995. They have five children, three girls and two boys, Danielle, Chanelle, Adrienne, Derrick Jr. and Matthew. He is very insistent on teaching his Dine language to his children. He is also passing on his musical skills to his two boys.

He says, "The best thing about being a silversmith is being able to express your designs through silver." The next big thing he would like to learn is how to work with Ingot silver. His message for the upcoming artist, "Be Yourself, Be Creative, Create & Come Up With Your Own Ideas & Styles."

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