Ben Nighthorse Campbell

Ben Nighthorse Campbell, a member of the Cheyenne Indian Tribe, is the only Native American presently serving in the United States Congress. He is the first American Indian to serve in this august forum in more than 65 years. In recognition of his service, he was inducted into the Council of 44 Chiefs, Northern Cheyenne Tribe, Lame Deer, Montana.

Nighthorse served three terms in the U. S. House of Representatives, and two terms representing Colorado in the United States Senate. Before his election to federal office, he served 4 years in the Colorado State Legislature representing his district in Southwestern Colorado.

Ben Nighthorse is a graduate of San Jose State University. Before entering college, he served in the U. S. Air Force, including time in Korea and Japan. While in Japan his interest in metal working grew when he studied under a Samurai sword maker. Under this tutelage, he began to develop techniques for laminating metals and fabricating jewelry. He began to visit museums and study jewelry design. His experiences in the Japanese and the Asian cultures has heavily influence his jewelry design.

Nighthorse, still residing in Southwestern Colorado, is a self-employed jewelry designer, a rancher, and a trainer of champion Quarter Horses.

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