Lyle Piaso

Lyle comes from the three generations of silversmithing.  He was born in Albuquerque, NM.  He comes from a tribe called Dine' (Navajo).  His clan is Kinyaanii (towering house people) on his mother's side and born of the Ta'Baahi (water's edge clan) on his father's side.
Lyle's younger years attended Chinle high school in Chinle, Arizona then attended the community college in Tsaile, Arizona.  After three years of school, Lyle decided to move back to Albuquerque, NM.  That's when he started working next to his father Joe Piaso Jr.
Lyle got his inspiration from his father and continues getting inspired from his art work in silversmithing.
Finely detailed, Lyle's work shows an excellent finish. He has a balance and harmony that sets his work apart from other artists. Lyle studies art and often mixes contemporary motifs with traditional ones.
He is constantly striving to improve his technique and takes immense pride in his work, ambitiously trying to make each new piece better than the last.
Lyle hopes his work of pride will become someone's pride and joy: well worn and well loved.

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