Akee Douglas

Akee is a Native American Navajo Indian. He lives in Gallup, New Mexico. Akee has been a silversmith since age of 19; most of his family are silversmiths and are well known for their beautiful silver work and their versatility of designs. Adee has the ability to adapt to new ideas, trends, and whatever he does he adds value with his attention to detail, quality and balance. There is no project or design that Akee can't aster. Akee's gentle nature, artistry and intelligence make him a delight to work with.

Blue Zat Gems and Native People's Art Gallery | 600 Route 49 | Woodbine NJ 08270 Tel. 609.628.2976

Store Hours: Thursday, Friday, Saturday - 10:00 am - 5:00pm or Call for an Appointment

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