Daniel Coriz

Daniel comes from a gifted family of jewelers. Since 1989 he has been perfecting the skills taught to him by his parents, Valentino and Nestoria Coriz. His beautiful and popular necklaces are created from turquoise, shell, and various other stones combined with silver.

Daniel's formal education trained him as a registered nurse. One of his two sons is currently learning the art of creating jewelry.

Daniel is from the Santo Domino Pueblo; one of the best known tribes of the southwest Indians, largely because of their skill in marketing, their jewelry and other crafts. The Pueblo is fifth in population of the nineteen New Mexico Pueblos, and is generally considered the most conservative in terms of customs and culture.

Life in the Pueblo has altered little since the arrival of the white man, Santo Domino people have closely guarded their ceremonies, placing great emphasis on their ancient religious structures and societies, the center of the social structure.

While adhering strictly to tribal authority, much of the Pueblo productivity is devoted to the making of jewelry. Daniel and other members of his tribe travel all over the country displaying and selling the silver and turquoise necklaces, rings and bracelets which have made them famous.

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