Nancy Ann Chilly

Nancy Chilly and husband, Jackson Yazzie, work together making traditional Navajo pottery. Relative newcomers, they have been making traditional pottery full-time for only the past two years. However, with high-quality and distinctive pots, it won't be long before they will be well known.

They live on the Utah portion of the Navajo reservation, quite some distance from the Cow Springs area in Arizona where most Navajo potters live, close to the clay beds of that moister area. Nevertheless, that's where they go to get their clay, as do most Navajo potters. Nancy signs her work, "NAC"

Nancy Chilly Yazzie is a gentle soul. Her classic style features stylized Yeis surrounding the pot. Sun and Moon are interspersed with Spider Woman Crosses and combined with rug designs. Complex in design her pots are elegant in their overall execution. Hand coiled and covered with pitch pine. Don't miss the chance to acquire a pot by one of the best-known Navajo potters.

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