Brent Rourke

My love for wood began when I was an early teenager. I couldn't wait for the next high school woodworking class to come around. I'd open the shop door and immediately smell the scent of pine. Taking that first shaving from a planer was better than holding hands with a girl.

During high school, my interest in wood (and girls) grew. After graduating from high school, I took classes in woodworking at the local college. And that's when I discovered Shaker boxes and carriers. I loved their classic lines, how they blend the elegant and practical, functional and decorative, traditional and contemporary at the same time.

Today, I craft the highest quality traditional Shaker and Shaker Zen products. We use the finest woods available: cherry, birds eye maple and unusual, specialty woods.

I'm proud that each Brent Rourke fine wood product is created naturally right here in North America. I'm proud of our high standards ensuring high quality that lasts. And I'm proud that we're growing our economy by keeping our manufacturing here instead of shipping it abroad.

Brent Rourke - we make contemporary heirlooms for families that value quality.

Blue Zat Gems and Native People's Art Gallery | 600 Route 49 | Woodbine NJ 08270 Tel. 609.628.2976

Store Hours: Thursday, Friday, Saturday - 10:00 am - 5:00pm or Call for an Appointment

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