Betty Manygoats


Her art is well known to collectors, she has been published, and she is an award winning pottery maker, but in contrast Betty Manygoats leads a simple life in the remote reaches of the Navajo reservation. She doesn't attend art shows, she doesn't speak English, and the most important reason she began making pots was to help support her family of nine daughters and one son. Twenty years ago this mother was inspired to add horned toads to the outside of her pottery and it was, and still is, a winning idea. From a small vessel with one or two horned toads, to a vase nearly three feet in height with horned toads crawling all over it, to an occasional creative diversion of bowls with effigies of animals or people, Betty has achieved her prominence through her creativity and altruistic motives. In defense of her family's livelihood Betty Manygoats keeps it a secret - where they obtain the materials they use in their pots. But in every other way this talented woman is generous and kind, always willing to help others.



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