Phillip Sanchez

Phillip was born at San Felipe, Pueblo in New Mexico in 1951. He was raised on a large ranch along with 8 sisters and 5 brothers together they tended all sorts of livestock and farmed lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. He has stayed close to his roots with live stock of his own, and he still enjoys horseback riding to check up on his live stock or just go for a ride at sunset.

His father made turquoise necklaces from natural nuggets to sell, but it was his older brother who got him interested in silver work. Phil started to work with silver in junior high school. It was there he learn the basics of jewelry making and crafting. He continued to work on jewelry throughout his high school years perfecting his technique. His brother and father instilled in him to always stay true to his culture, and that shows in his jewelry designs where he uses clouds and rain along with other symbols which can also be seen on baskets and pottery from his pueblo.

Phil loves to travel and see different parts of the country. In his travels he has traveled to Canada a number of times. He also likes to go fishing, hunting and just about any activity that gets him outdoors. He speaks a number of Native American pueblo dialects including San Felipe, Santa Domingo, Acoma, Zia, Luguna and Cochiti.

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