Adrian Vallo


Adrian Vallo was born to the Pueblo of the Acoma in 1964.  He began his interest in

pottery making when he was 20 years old, back in 1985.  Mr. Vallo was inspired to make 

hand coiled pottery by his Grandmother, the late Santana Cerno, who taught Adrian to

coil, shape, paint, and fire pottery.

Adrian specializes in the hand coiled traditional style shaped pots and designs.  He 

gathers natural pigments from the Acoma Pueblo to make his pottery.  He cleans, mixes,

hand coils, shapes, paints, and fires his pottery the traditional way, outdoors.  He paints

traditional designs, deer patterns, and parrot motifs with natural pigments.  He was

quoted as saying "They are more challenging to create and I enjoy the challenge."  Adrian

signs his art as:  A. Vallo, Acoma

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