Paul Jones

Paul Jones was born (1946) and raised in Missouri and Illinois but the minute he was in South Dakota via the Air Force, he was 'in the west' and there was no looking back. He met his future wife Cheryl in Rapid City, and again there was n looking back.

It's been said of L'Amour, that he lived the lives of his subjects. "I too have ridden the trails of the west and sat at many a cowboy fire," states Paul. "I've ridden many seasons in Yellowstone with cowboy 'Bullwhip Bob' and in the Dakotas, Montana, Wyoming and Arizona. But the others are the real cowboys; I'm basically a country- casual boy. I would not be terribly useful at a roping or branding."

"Others build various products, I build oil paintings," states Paul. "I love everything about the craft of the art, but at heart, I see the challenge of constructing an image and go to it with any means and talent possible." Paul studied oils in college leaving early to spend his military Vietnam years assigned to Africa. But his real instruction he feels has come from the thousands of sources available in books and galleries.

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