Alaska Sculptures

The B. Merry Studios is a family operation in Anchorage Alaska that fits very well in the Small World Collectibles concept of a "Family run Business". Family leader Bob Merry has been joined by his wife, Josephine and her two children Mark and Joy and have been carving since 1993.

The family's art is directly tied to the natural beauty of our Earth. They set out every September to locate antlers and bones that have been shed naturally from the wild animals that make their home in the Alaska Artic. While collecting those parts for use as the medium they use, they visualize the wildlife in their own way of interpretation and it is transformed into their beautiful original artwork of art that can then be passed down from generation to generation!

Currently we do not have any Alaska Sculptures in stock, but if you like to describe to us what you are looking for, we would be more then happy to contact our artists on your behalf.

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