Amber Cornmaiden Fetish Necklace

By: Faye Quandelacy


This necklace measures 29 inā€ length, large cornmaiden 1 5/8 ā€œ medium 1 Ā¼ā€ small 7/8 in. and is made of amber, heishi , turquoise and clamshell.

The corn maidens are said to have secretly emerged with the Zuni from their previous existence in the Underworld. After a while, the Corn Maidens and the Zuni became separated and witches destroyed the Zuni's crops. The twin sons of the Sun Father set out to find the maidens. After a long search they were found, and the Twins asked them to bring corn back to the Zuni people. So the Corn Maidens returned to save the Zuni from starvation. Corn Maiden represents strength, creation, and wisdom.

Price: $420.00

Shipping Cost: $6.00

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