"Painted Pony" Pendleton Blanket


Your purchasse of this blanket directly benefits the American

Indian College Fund, which supports thousands of students.

For Northern Plains Indians the horse is tightly woven into

their culture. The horse got them off of the ground and

liberated them from human limitations. Through the horse

each Indian became independent. This freedom however came

with a promise; if the rider took care of the horse, they would

return the favor. The Circle of Life is painted on the horse to

remind us all that we are connected just as the horse and rider

are. We are united in the Circle with respect and responsibility

for one another. The Painted Pony blanket was designed by

Thomasina Stevens and is the third of our Student Series.

Thomasina is one of the tribal college students who will

benefit from this blanket. By sharing her heritage we may all


Made in USA

Dimensions are 66 x 39


Price: $200.00

Shipping Cost: $15.00

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